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Embedding player


Get the code snippet from the sharing dialog of a recording in your library and place it onto your website.

Result: Click here


Script URL#

In order to integrate a player onto your website, you need the recording ID and password of your recording.

Given a recording link, e.g.,

  • the recording ID is d5GlUonF
  • and the password is N7rcXQy3.

The script URL you need to insert is:

  • Place the following onto your homepage
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  • Replace recording ID and password with ID and password from your recording

Player styles#

You can add styles to the script tag in order to style the player. For example, in order to make the player larger than default, add the following:

<script style="width:1280px;height:720px;" src=""></script>

Hide sharing options#

In order to hide sharing options for the embedded player, and so prevent your site visitors to easily obtain the original video URL, add the following tag to the script tag:

<script style="width:1280px;height:720px;" data-hide-sharing-options="true" src=""></script>