What is today's biggest customer pain?

Long and exhausting communication with customer support!

Learn how to improve your customer communication workflows:

  • Communicate with your customers with screen recordings directly on your webpage
  • Work async and let them demonstrate their issue
  • Answer with a screen recording
  • Takes just two minutes to implement
  • No download or installation needed! Neither on customer side nor on yours!
  • Paves the way for quick and efficient support team work
  • Enables improved sales through quicker response times

How to maximise your customer communication efficiency by using the Screen Recorder SDK!

Add a record button to your website and level up your customers to communication 3.0

Let them make screen recordings directly out of your webpage! Let them explain their issue, let them show where their pain is and save a ton of time on understanding what they want.

Without any preparation on client side at all!

And you can answer with a link to a screen recording where you show and demonstrate the solution as well!

With the Calipio recorder SDK you solve your customer issues in minutes

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See how the Calipio SDK makes your website the most useful tool

With such a simple button YOU can add screen recording capability to YOUR app, to YOUR webpage, to YOUR SaaS product!

This button / functionality can be added to your webpage very quickly and very easily.

Improve your customer experience with async communication.

Or just make it a video messaging service on your webpage!

A simple one, a fast one, a powerful one.

Turn off the screen recording in your screen recording but leave on camera and mic!

  • Async video messaging
  • without download
  • without installation
  • end to end encrypted
  • cloud hosted

This is the missing part of your personal customer communication service. Add features to your webpage where others have to install software, set up accounts etc. (like Whatsapp, Skype, and so on)

Add your recordings to your webpage and "pro-up" your customer experience

There is nothing simpler than embedding your existing Calipio screen recordings to your website. Just watch the video on the left here and see that it is just a couple of clicks away! 

Wit the help of the player SDK you can easily embed your recordings on your website and offer your visitors a seamless experience of your videos without leaving your webpage.

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© 2023 Calipio