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With the Calipio Online Screen Recorder plugin you can easily transform your webpage into a powerful customer communication tool. Just download and install the plugin from WordPress Plugin section (see instructions) and see below settings.

  • Insert the recorder token to be used. It controls which library and folder the recording will be saved into. If no token is specified, the recordings are created as short-term anonymous recordings.

  • Select if devices are mandatory, allowed or not allowed. Allowed devices can be preselected optionally. 

  • Select if the user is presented with a setup page prior to recording of if the recording should start immediately.

  • Controls if the user may review and discard the recording at the end.

  • Select accordingly if the recorder popup should not be shown.

  • This code will be executed when a recording has finished successfully and, depending on the end mode setting, the user has accepted the recording. The event detail contains additional information. See

How Can We Help?