Firefox – How to unblock screen access

To unblock the screen access follow this manual: Click on this symbol: The following infobox appears: Here you can unblock the screen. Click on the X next to the text “Temporarily blocked”. This unblocks it. 

Recording using Firefox

When recording videos using Firefox, keep in mind that playback on Safari may be sluggish. This will be more notable if you are recording high screen resolutions and/or both screen and webcam video. If your audience is using Chrome, Firefox

Firefox – How to unblock webcam/microphone access

To unblock your microphone and webcam, do the following: Click on the symbols (lock,microphone or webcam) in the addressbar of your browser. The following Infobox appears: Here you can unblock the microphone and webcam. Click on the X next to

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© 2023 Calipio