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Using your own domain, rather than, will improve your brand awareness and will give you that “enterprise look” everybody is longing for.

Calipio makes that possible and we wouldn’t be ourselves if it wouldn’t be really easy. Just some easy steps to follow and your recordings will seamlessly be integrated in your customer experience. This tutorial will guide you step by step to the setup of a custom domain name (CNAME) for your Calipio library. 

Please just all actions in the following imaginary example: Our chosen domain name for your Calipio recordings is:

To be able to create a custom domain you have to own a domain of course. If you don’t have any by now we suggest you ask Google for help. In case you cannot find a proper supplier you can go to Cloudflare or which are huge Domain Name Service providers (to which we are not affiliated in any way)

So after you had set up your DNS and have your webpage running under your domain, go the DNS settings (or ask for help…) and:


Step 1: Add CNAME record

Open the settings of your DNS (Domain Name Server) and create the following CNAME record for your domain. 

The above screenshot shows the DNS setting in Cloudflare. Your settings may look different. The following table explains the different options.

Field Value Description
The type of the DNS entry​
The name or host part of the DNS entry. Keep in mind that we used video as an example​
The target or value the CNAME points to
TTL (Time to Live) specifies how long the domain registrar should wait before refreshing the record. Use the default value.

Step 2: Add Domain to Calipio

Open the settings of your library and enter the domain into the custom domain section.  

Step 3: Verify

When opening up the settings page of your library, Calipio will verify if your custom domain is already operational. Depending on your domain provider the changes can take several hours to propagate.

How Can We Help?