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Make the player window yours!

Put your corporate identity on it and benefit from a clean and professional approach to your recordings. Your customers will remain in your brand world thus strengthening your brand identiy!

To go even further you could think about upgrading to CNAME as well, more information here!

Convinced? Then do not hesitagte, open your library settings to customise your player page.

  • Icon
    Upload an icon wich will be used as favicon in the browser title bar

  • Logo
    Upload a logo wich will be displayed in the upper left corner

  • Text Color
    Define the color of the title, description and author name

  • Background Color
    Define the background color of the player page

  • Primary Color
    Define the primary color used by the player and the buttons in the top right

  • Show Buttons
    Control the visibility of the login and recording button

How Can We Help?