How to change your email address

​You can use the account recovery to change your email address. Please perform the following steps. ​1. Download the recovery key from your account  ​2. Logout from your Calipio account ​3. Open your browser in incognito mode ​4.

Record computer audio

The recording of computer audio is highly dependent on the capabilities of the operating system and browser. The following table shows which operating systems and browsers support recording of computer audio. Windows Chrome OS macOS Linux Chrome Edge Firefox Safari

Embedding screen recording in webpages

Whatever you have created with Calipio can easily be embedded to any HTML page. Watch this tutorial to find out how!

User Roles

Users have different abilities depending on the role they have in a particular library. The following table lists permissions available for each role. Action Viewer Creator Admin Playback recording ✓ ✓ ✓ Create a recording ✓ ✓ Edit recording description

macOS Security & Privacy Screen Recording

To perform screen recording on macOS you have to grant your browser to record the content of your screen. Open System Preferences Select Security & Privacy Change to the Privacy tab Search for Screen Recording in the list Allow your

Export recording

All recordings are automatically uploaded to the CALIPIO cloud and securely stored there. If you have a CALIPIO account you can access your recordings by opening your library. You can easily share you recording by sending the link. Exporting and

Google Drive Access

Why does CALIPIO require Google Drive Access? We need your consent to be able to store encryption-relevant application data on Google Drive. CALIPIO will never be able to access your regular files on Google Drive and you won’t find any

Choosing webcam position for your screen recording

The best place for your webcam might be different for each screenrecording. Watch this video to understand how easy it is to change that position on your screen

Encryption Whitepaper

When exchanging confidential information via the cloud, strict security measures must be taken to ensure data integrity and data protection. CALIPIO has created a white paper that contains a detailed technical description of the implemented encryption system. CALIPIO protects customer

Firefox – How to unblock screen access

To unblock the screen access follow this manual: Click on this symbol: The following infobox appears: Here you can unblock the screen. Click on the X next to the text “Temporarily blocked”. This unblocks it.