If you can answer yes to two of these questions you should keep on reading!

  • Are you responsible for a support team?
  • Is your support team complaining that it’s hard to understand what callers are actually doing / describing?
  • Is your support team constantly complaining about too much work / too many client issues they have to handle?
  • Is your support team budget expanding like the universe on day 1?
  • Do you receive negative feedback from your clients about too long solution times from your support team?
overwhelmed support staff

If you can answer at least two of those questions with “yes” and are sick of always throwing more money on your support team it might be time to think about optimizing processes instead.

support member

Provide them with a tool which speeds up customer communication and eases the identification of the issues.

  • Stop them wasting their time in endless e-mail conversations between support and client. Conversations which hardly make clear what the customer’s real issue is.
  • Don’t let them agree on long online meetings with the sole purpose of finding out what the client really means.

This all puts them under stress and reduces their ability to serve your clients even further!

Let them do their work in a relaxed manner, let them show to your clients that they are happy to serve them!

The solution is so simple, you won’t believe it. It is just a “tiny” tool. But probably the one your support team desperately needs!

support team

Employ a screen recording! Let your clients demonstrate what’s wrong. Let them show where their paint points are. 

And let your support team show to your clients how things are done.

Let them show how issues are solved.


Provide them with a proper tool.

Use a screen recorder which runs online in any browser on any platform you like!

Avoid ones were your team or even worse your client has to download and install software to make a screen recording. (this could even let them embark on a new issue of course)


Use a screen recorder which is end to end encrypted. Provide a safe and comforting feeling of privacy and data security to your clients.


Use Calipio. The most accessible screen recorder on the market. No other is quicker, no other is easier to use. No other includes literally everybody.

best alternative to loom

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© 2021 Calipio