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explained like a pro with a Free online Screen Recording for Education

Homeschooling and distance learning have always been a great way to bridge huge gaps of all kinds. CALIPIO is your tool of choice to easily demonstrate and explain, (nearly) just like in a classroom!

If you are working in education you will probably know the situation.

Your students are away from you and you want them to use a new tool on their computer.

Usually students are really good in adopting new software or even whole new working or collaboration tools but we all know: There is surely that person who doesn’t understand what you want your students to do. Or doesn’t find the right menu, or the right function or whatever issue.

You name it, they have it. This is the time for a quick and online screen recording. Ideally a free online screen recording for education of course. Just quickly navigate to click on “record”, add your mic and your camera, if you like and say AND SHOW what you mean.

Really demonstrate what you want them to do. Show them how to achieve their goal you want them to achieve. Boost their abilities by better using your time and your students time. Don’t waste it by writing endless explanations which nobody wants to read. Not even saying to understand.  

And most important: Calipio will not waste your time with meta work: No installations here! No need to use a specific browser. Just use the browser you want on the platform you want. And in the end it will be just a link you are sharing with your students. End to end encrypted. This means that ONLY the persons with that link can see that video. No way to hack that!

E2E encryption also means that nobody, so not even Calipio can watch your videos.  It is technically impossible to crack that encrypted recording without having the right key to it, the link which is automatically created at the end of each online screen recording.

What other reasons for free online screen recordings for education are there?

It is your students who make the most out of it in the end. The can do exactly the same as you: They can create their free online screen recording and ask important questions to you! As well of course without wasting their time and without wasting your time. Again no long and time consuming e-mails to create, no long e-mails to read. No long e-mails to answer.

Mutually beneficial collaboration between teacher und students by integration free online screen recordings for education in your daily workflow.

Improving and boosting efficiency and by that improving your success as a teacher can only lead to a better world, we are absolutely convinced about that.

This is Calipio – Your Free Online Screen Recorder

Works with all your favorite tools

CALIPIO screen recording links can be shared in all tools your students are used to work with. Unlimited opportunities to enhance their learning process with free online screen recording for education.

  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Outlook
  • schoolfox
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs


Keep your screen recordings protected

Better safe than sorry

CALIPIO is the only screen recorder with end-to-end encryption.

Keep control

Only people with the link you created have access to your recordings.

End-to-End encryption

Nobody can access your recordings without the link you created at the end of each recording.

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© 2023 Calipio

© 2023 Calipio