Makes your Software QA more effective and less stressful

Forget lengthy descriptions
Just show it, say it.

Stop wasting time with describing situations in software QA! Instantly capture a recording of your screen. You can include your microphone, and even camera to better explain your point. Share a playback link and you are done.
That’s it – no download, no installation, no app!
Simply avoid the time-intensive task of writing an accurate description of a bug (or suggestion, or enhancement). Just capture it with Calipio (and, if you like, add your mic and cam to better explain).


We've already used Calipio internally with our team. The new "Request Recording" option allows us to invite customers to share details to improve our customer support. Excellent!

Steve de Jong

Creating a ticket is becoming fun!

The traditional way:

  1. Find a way to reproduce the bug
  2. Document steps to reproduce the bug
  3. Collect screenshots
  4. Create a ticket with all necessary information
  5. Double-check if all necessary information is present

The Calipio way:

  1. Capture the problem on Calipio screen recording
  2. Create a ticket with just the recording link in it

And time savings don't stop here!

Optimize the QA process - avoid ambiguities and excess loops.

Have you ever run into a ticket that seemed perfectly clear to the one who made it but made no sense at all to the poor recipient who had to decipher it?
Save your precious time and costs. A simple video (and spoken explanation) on Calipio can avoid ambiguities from the beginning. Developers often need information front-line QA agents may not have considered important. A video (with spoken explanation) can show the context clearly – and avoid lengthy check-back loops

Developers will love it!

Don’t describe – just show it, say it!

We all know that understanding and perception are a million times higher when you see and hear what is going on rather than reading lengthy descriptions. And it is not just about the saved time here, preserve your developer’s brains from melting by making it easier to understand what your QA team found out. Even the tiniest detail is getting full attention when captured on screen rather than explained in a written report.

Asynchronous, time-saving, and self-documenting

Use Calipio instantly instead of scheduling a live-call.

Capture and share your Calipio video today, allowing for maximum flexibility across time zones (or packed calendars). Don’t bother agreeing on a live-call platform. Share the link by mail, Slack, WhatsApp, or simply your own ticketing system. And Calipio documents itself: The information persists behind the link you share – even years later if you wish.

It's so easy to use. It seems like most of the competitors make it too difficult and with so many options and local downloads that have issues. I like it's managed in the cloud it's super easy to use and the quality is great. I'm still not using all the use cases yet like recording from my website and I'm looking to further implement it for customer support, training, and online videos.

Jack H

Founder and Data Engineer

End-to-end Encryption

Paramount for you and for us.

Every video you create on Calipio is encrypted using an auto-generated password. And that password is already part of the playback link which YOU send to the recipient and which is of course not transmitted to or by our servers! Hence the name end to end. So we are happy to have no clue. About your password. Read more in our whitepaper.

We have many users, does it work for us?

Built-in user-management and collaboration.

Your Calipio videos are stored in a dedicated library which is shared amongst your team. If you prefer to do so. You can also organize it in folders and assign individual user rights to each folder. Again, if you want that. Further enterprise features include custom branding, CNAME domains and even white-label upon request.

What does the future offer?

We are like you and will never stop improving. There are new features coming up you will surely love for your QA process or for other forms of improved communication. Take a look at our roadmap and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.

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© 2023 Calipio