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Calipio is just simple to use. When you’re a first-time user and go on their website you can start recording right away. No software installation, registration, or instructions are needed, just click the button from any browser.

They keep this kind of simplicity all throughout their software. The only thing to remember is the website “calipio.com”. Once you register you just go there and can simply record and share again. Calipio is made to be integrated into your daily workflows.

The power of that simplicity shows off when you send a link to Calipio to someone, for example when you ask them to describe a problem in a screen recording. While on Loom you will experience that they have a hard time figuring out how to install and use the software, the simplicity of Calipio allows you to lay back and let the others figure out how it works.

No installation needed

With Loom you need to download software. For some people, this seems like something they don’t care about, but there are a lot of people where this matters. For example in corporate settings, where IT is managed centrally, you sometimes don’t even have the possibility to install something.

Calipio is browser-only, therefore usable on any browser on any desktop without an installation. Loom works with installation or chrome-only. This definitely is annoying to people using different browsers or others that don’t want to install the software before they know it’s worth the money.

And the best: Calipio can be tested without registering. That’s “no installation” on the next level!


That’s a feature so unique that there’s nothing similar in other screen recorders and in Loom. Calipio files are 100% encrypted.

It might be the biggest advantage of Calipio, especially in settings where you want to privately share information. While on other screen recorders everyone can share the link and people see everything, you can separately transfer passwords and links in Calipio.

Obviously, the receiver of a recording can still pass on both information, but that’s what they should be able to do. What it prevents is accidentally leaking information: a thing of the past.

So if you are working in settings where you are sharing sensitive information it’s not even an option to use unencrypted screen recorders like Loom. And obviously also in every other setting: better safe than sorry!

Pro tip: for maximum safety share the recording link and the password in two separate channels. For example, while you share the recording in an e-mail or messenger you can send the password in SMS or tell it via phone.

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© 2023 Calipio

© 2023 Calipio