Who is the team behind that screen recorder?

In fact we are lazy as hell and prefer spare time over working time.

During our regular work we found out that we are wasting an awful lot of time trying to gather in various home- and office-offices to discuss certain aspects, features or issues of our work. Until finally somebody came up with the idea of creating videos.

And another said that they have to be on one platform, so that they are compatible and accessible.

The third said that they need to be sent as a link, not as a data-killing file.

And the wise one said they need to be encrypted as we are talking executive stuff.

Joe Paranoia said he doesn’t want to install a new tool on his computer, it has to be an online service.

And so on and so on.

What happens when geeks and nerds have an issue?
They create a product to overcome it – welcome to CALIPIO

A small team, able to communicate and react quickly is the master workforce behind Calipio. Success is made of skills, knowledge and experience rather than thousands of employees and so we very warmly welcome you to enjoy that useful tool which will help you save a lot of valuable time. Because, see above.

Thankfully, Calipio wasn’t just for the team behind that screen recorder,  in the end, see here some interesting use cases.


team behind that screen recorder

Daniel Modler

team behind that screen recorder

Klaus Schäffer

team behind that screen recorder

Florian Heinrich

team behind that screen recorder

Christian Wolf

team behind that screen recorder

Raoul Donschachner

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© 2023 Calipio